Smart solutions for interior and storefront


To obtain a competitive advantage in the retail sector, storekeepers know that they need to offer a differentiated shopping experience for their customers and this can range from the interior of the store, shelves, service, to checkout. Technology can help with solutions to monitor your inventory in real time, have products informations in the palm of the attendants’ hands, bring agility in the queues and even enable self-service.

Discover some corporate automation and mobility solutions for retailers.

Management of the back of the store

Both physical and online stores need effective inventory management to meet their customers’ expectations in the omnichannel environment, visible visibility of goods, organization and economy.

The store fund management processes that can be worked on are:

  • Good receipt– Optimize the entry and organization of goods with data capture and labeling equipment.
  • Storage– Save time and material traceability in the storage process using mobile and RFID equipment.
  • Inventory– Consult your inventory in real time with precision and agility with collectors in the palm of your hand.

Store front experience

From the moment the customer enters the store he needs to be positively impacted, for this it is necessary that the employees are prepared and equipped for personalized service, that the environment is equipped with technologies to promote self-service such as price conferences and payments, and even the possibility of withdrawals and returns from online purchases.

  • Price conference – Price conference kiosks not only resolve problems at checkout and update prices quickly, there can also offer interactive solutions and even indoor media to impact customers with promotions and offers.
  • Point of sale – Long lines are a great challenge and, often, the cause of abandonment of carts. Eliminate queues with fixed or mobile readers and high-performance payment methods.
  • Staff enablement – Enhance the customer experience by offering your employees mobile device to answer questions, make loyalty registrations and even check inventory.
  • Self service – Reduce checkout lines and speed up the purchasing process by enabling customers to scan codes with a single mobile device.
  • Check-out– Gain speed and reliability in reading and weighing products with fixed and mobile points of sale.
  • Refueling – Refuel with agility for fast and efficient communication, ensuring customers that the products they need are always available.

Technology brings many possibilities for retailers, preparing them to face the countless challenges and remain competitive in the market. Retail is passing by many transformations, so it’s really important to be ahead, optimize processes and offer unique experiences to customers.